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Welcome at the official website of the „TRB 2010“ supporters club.

Our support is related to the Grazer AK, an Austrian football club in the 3rd football league in Austria. The Grazer AK football club was founded in 1902 by an academic group. Greatest efforts of this Team are:

1 x Austrian League Champion: 2004

4 x Austrian Football Cup: 1981, 2000, 2002, 2004

1 x Double (League and Cup): 2004

2 x Austrian Super Cup: 2000, 2002

2 x Austrian League Runner-up : 2003, 2005

3 x 2nd Division Champion: 1975, 1993, 1995

3 x Austrian Amateur Champion: 1929, 1932, 1933

1 x Austrian Amateur League Runner-Up: 1931

10 x Styrian Football Champion: 1922, 1924, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933

2 x Austrian Football Cup finalist: 1962, 1968

The „Tifosi Rosso Bianco“ supporters club was founded in december 2010 and tries to establish a new group of people thinking the same way and support the GAK in a peaceful way. Our members should be over 14 and should be able to come at least once a month to one of our meetings. Each member has to sign a membership wich costs 20€ for half a year. With this money we provide equipment like shirts, flags or other Stuff needed for a powerful support. You should know that racism and violence is not part of our life and also not the meaning of this fan club. If you keep this in your mind, you will be always welcome at games of the GAK.

If you are interested in starting a partnership between TRB 2010 and fan clubs of other football clubs all over Europe, don’t be shy and contact us via e-mail. For any further information please also contact us via email.

The Tifosi Rosso Bianco – Online Administration.